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YOU made my celebration special!

Family & Friends,

Your resident wordsmith is speechless. I don't think I have the vocabulary to adequately describe my joy right now. The comment that most of you have made to me is that my elation made you all happy. Well, it's a circle of joy then.

I know I was having the time of my little life! I appreciate everyone who braved the weather and life (yes, life!) to make it to the event. And even those who didn't, believe me, you were there in spirit! THANK YOU for every call, text, gift, thought, prayer and inkling of warmth towards me.

As I embark on a new journey, I feel like my village has sent me off with love and reverence, and I am grateful to God for each of you.


Love, Stephanie

Thank you to my amazing vendors!

Click their photo to learn more about them!

You can download and save any photo you see here! Do you have more photos? Upload them here.

Did you see yourself on the big screen?

I found a photo with or of each person who RSVP'd, and played them on the screens inside (except for the ones where I requested the game - #PrimeTime) because this night wasn't just about me, it was about us!

Follow my journey here! Love you all!

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