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Full Sail University #HallofFame

As I've said before on this blog, I'm attending Full Sail University to get a Master's degree in Entertainment Business. I'm now in month nine of a twelve month accelerated program, and I really appreciate this school. Every year, they have what's called Hall of Fame, where they induct six alumni who have graduated at least ten years ago and are making waves in the entertainment industry.

Hall of Fame is kind of like an awards ceremony mixed with homecoming. There are plenty of fun events, panels and workshops featuring current industry professionals, a career fair, networking opportunities like you've never seen, and more.

There's even a contest for online students to win an all-expenses paid trip to Hall of Fame. I didn't win this time around, but I mention it here in case someone finds this post later. I did get to attend though, and it was worth every penny! It was a full week of being immersed in Full Sail culture and making connections that will benefit my career.

I was having a little trouble blogging everything about the week, because it was so robust, but I realized, I had been conveying my experience in other mediums! The interview below was with another Full Sailor, Knowledge. I also did an Instagram recap each day of the conference. I would be tired and happy, but I couldn't go to sleep each night until I posted photos and let everyone know what was happening.

Baby, we had a time last month! Enjoy the summary:

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