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We Only Move One Direction, Forward

So, life has been MOVING. My last post here was at the beginning of June, almost a month into working on the independent film I was hired for, while finishing my Master's Degree. So let's talk about what has happened in that time frame.

Production Office

The reason I try to write blog posts on time is because looking back, our memories get clouded. The thing I remember most about the production office is that it was tough. I was so happy to be able to help all the crew members as the Office PA. I could see the difference I was making, and they would tell me! I know I'm great at my job. Unfortunately, there were also some rough spots too. With different management styles and goals on a set, things can get bumpy, but even those lessons were welcome, because it's all progress on my journey. Overall, I made great connections and I'm excited to be listed in the credits of a movie for the first time (if that happens). I just pray to God they spell my name right lol.

Sidenote: Yes, this was the ONLY photo of me they had. Initially, it was just supposed to show I received some cash, had no idea it would end up on the Director's Instagram, but it's not the worst photo, it's just not the best.


Working on the movie, I almost killed myself. They days were 12 hours+, and I was too spent to come home and do homework. I negotiated two days a week off so that I could finish my degree. Even so, one of the days, I would sleep for the entire day so that my mind could reset, and do my homework on the other day. With my July class, every single assignment was late, which would have tanked my grade, but my professor was very understanding, because Full Sail encourages both its students and teachers to be actively involved in the industry. In addition, I completed a one time extra credit assignment that boosted my final grade, so that I could keep my 4.0.

I was striving to be the class valedictorian, and when I was announced as such, I was elated. I'm honestly still floating, because these few months were HARD. I was tested mentally, physically and emotionally, but I achieved the goal I set out to achieve, and I also received four Course Director Awards. This has given me such a boost, because I know if I made it through this, I can make it through whatever I'm about to experience next.

I was also grateful for all of the encouragement and support from my professors, as they all told me they know I will do great things. I decided to have a birthday/graduation/going away party for the first time in my life. I've had birthday gatherings, but never a party. I had the time of my little life! Celebrating the wins after each class and at the end of my degree program is something I will continue to practice in my career. The work is hard, so the wins should be celebrated!

The Big Move

The party was on September 16th, we partied into midnight on 9/17, when I turned 35 years old. On 9/20, my best friend Chad and I got on the road to Las Vegas in my little Honda, Huey. 24 hours later, I arrived to my temporary home. I'm here until I find a suitable place near Los Angeles, California. I've gotta go where the industry is! It's a big life transition, but I'm ready for action, literally. I'm chasing my eventual Producer position in film or television, and this is a step along the way. Let's see what the future holds!

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